The History of Skiing


Who discovered this magic sport? Some say it’s the Tyroleans, most say it’s been the Norwegians & ever since the Olympics, the Chinese want to take the crown for it.

Fact is, you could find skis or something similar to skis anywhere from Europe to Asia – mainly as transportation for hunting. The invention of skiing as a sport is much younger, as found in many books and documentaries, going back as far as 1760. It seems like the Norwegian military had a feeling on what is going to be a trend in the future. No matter who invented it - there is only one folk where skiing is burned into their DNA as no other. And that’s the Tyroleans. If that is correlated with the long winters in the valley, where they didn’t want to leave the valley, or they realized that the sport will draw an immense amount of people into to holy land of Tyrol to mix up the genes, be left undecided. With further development of the equipment and the technique, Hannes Schneider and Toni Seelos established the first ski school in St. Anton. The basics of that technique is still to be seen in the modern skiing. 

Us, from the CORE-Team carry the passion of the sport in ourselves. Everyone of us can say that we learned how to walk after we learned how to ski, therefore our experience is very immense. Not only the years of teaching distinguishes us, but also the quality of the most recognized certifications in skiing. Our goal is to share the fire that burns within us with all of our guests as well. 

If the virus catches you, there is no going back anymore. Threat? Most likely….

Private course or a course from a mass-produced ski school?

One of the most important decisions is, if you would rather have a private course/coaching, or are you feeling more confident in a group, or do you like the format of a camp better? If you already chose, you can send us a request or you can directly book a course online!