5 excuses that hinder you from becoming a better skier.

Do you ever feel like that you have remained on the same level of skiing and it isn’t improving? It doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to get to the next level. Or is it just your excuses that hinder you from becoming a better skier?

If one of these points seems familiar to you, then maybe you are stopping yourself from becoming better:

1.    I can snowplow down every mountain, and I have stronger quads than Superman.

If you stop here, then you picked the absolute worst timing, unless you want to climb the superhero league, and get the workout in that you need while you ski. Of course, the snowplow is sometimes necessary and saved someones life, but it is very exhausting and it is not useful in every kind of terrain. If you learn how to ski parallel, you will need less strength and it is more versatile. This doesn’t mean that you only need to ski pitches and ski fast – you can use this technique everywhere.

2.    I can ski on every prepped, groomed slope, but would much rather stay in the spa in any other conditions

Skiing is influenced by the weather, and it is an outdoor sport, therefore, the conditions aren’t always perfect. If you can ski parallel anywhere, then it’s just a matter of time until you learn how to deal with worse conditions. Being safe and ski controlled on icy slopes, moguls, or mixed snow conditions isn’t only going to make you more attractive to the other gender, but it also broadens the new terrain you can pick to work on your skills as a skier.

3.    I am able to get anywhere I need to – who cares about style?

Okay, that’s an argument. But do you really want to be satisfied with easy to moderate slopes? Once it gets steeper and harder, you will have a a hard time getting down? Through some small tips and tricks from the pro’s, you’ll get down the mountain with more style and it opens up the possibilities to get to know the ski area from a different angle. And style matters, regardless of what outfit you are wearing ;)

4.  I have been skiing my whole life – nobody can teach me anything

Hansi Hinterseer has been skiing his whole life, and admittedly, he still has some charm with what he is doing. But, the technique and the equipment develops over time. What has been unheard of in the past, is easy to build and do today. And why not coming OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE and try something new? How about some fresh powder or getting throttled in the moguls?

5.     I only ski once a year – nobody notices if I don’t improve my skills

Admittedly, nobody will notice - except yourself. But don’t you like the feeling to get better, taking a step after another? Often the smallest adjustments lead to big success. All of a sudden you don’t need to try as hard and you are already skiing better than before. The next level isn’t that far away and doesn’t seem as unachievable as it used to seem. Is there anything better than skiing with your friends and family and enjoying the best times of your lives?