Skiing in Kvitfjell

In the land of the moose - a different kind of ski camp

Together with a few crazy people, we ventured into the land of the moose at very short notice. Admittedly, it was a challenge, but the three days in Kvitfjell, Norway, were simply a delight for the senses and convinced us that skiing in this part of the world is something very special.

Is it because the mountain air somehow feels cleaner? Is it the friendliness of the people? Is the food more interesting or different? Is the landscape simply breathtakingly beautiful? We think it's all these things and more.

From Oslo airport we quickly reached Kvitfjell, and the journey there was already a scenic delight. We spent three days in a hut in the middle of the ski resort, surrounded by masses of snow, enjoying moose meat and other Norwegian specialties and couldn't get enough of the sunrises and sunsets. Kvitfjell was built for the 1994 Olympic Games and is known for having many gentle and easy runs, as well as the longest black run in Norway. So every skier's heart was happy.

In addition to the dream landscape, we were able to hone our technique, had the odd AHA moment, but definitely had a smile on our faces every day. Norway has a reputation for being an expensive destination, but a skiing vacation is much cheaper and much quieter than in large parts of the continent.

We are determined to continue organizing camps in this part of Europe. Are you interested or do you have any questions about our ski camp? Then please send us an inquiry.

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